Friday, December 5, 2008

Any comments?

We are entering the last week of the last phase of the year. It has not always been plain sailing as some of our volunteers will tell you, but we have got the job done and most importantly with a smile on our faces, some may say that I as country director smile the least, I am happy inside inside, believe me.
We will bring you news of the end of phase next week, but I just wanted to let you know we are here and to ask people who see this blog to please send comments in about the sort of content they would like to see or just to to say hello.



Anonymous said...

Hi all out there, it is always great to see pics of what you are doing and hear what you are up to, the more the bettter! snowing here in scotland today so enjoy the heat while you can.

Pip Churchyard said...

I agree with the pervious comment, im looking forward to going to the seychelles in april this year and just to see pictures of the expedition leaders and the scenery is enough to excite me. Also a brief description of what you have seen and what the weather trends are like would be good to know. Its icy and cold here in England, i cant wait to drop the wollies and don the board shorts.
Pip, Kent, England.