Friday, January 30, 2009

Hamid came home.

Hamid Rad left GVI Seychelles six months ago after spending a year and half with us. He was sadly missed. His nickname is Frenchy or Francois because he is French. The good news is that he came back for a one phase guest appearance.
He is a wonderful underwater photographer and I thought we would share some of his Seychelles photos to show you what it can look like down there. Hamid would love any comments people may have.



Richard said...


Your photos are quite simply excellent. I hope Michael Townsend comes back with photos like yours

Rich Lilley

marta said...

No había visto el post con tus fotos. Una preciosidad :) La de la burbuja con tu reflejo es increible... además, me trae buenos recuerdos porque si no me equivoco la sacastes en Utila cuando hicimos el curso de discapacitados :)
Espero que leas este comentario porque el post es de hace dos meses!
beso fuerte desde madrid.

Lisa said...


Photos are amazing!!! Have an excellent time in Malaysia-the dream job!

Lisa Johnson