Sunday, April 5, 2009

Sunrise on a new phase

The sun has risen on phase 20 of GVI Seychelles. This means it is our five year anniversary here at Cap Ternay in the Seychelles Islands; hundreds of volunteers have passed through our hands, made friends, learned lots and had a wonderful time doing it. Many have gone on to new jobs and careers having left the drudgery of boring nine to five lives forever.

The hotel developers who threatened to move us out have gone home and will not be back for a long time if at all, blaming the world wide recession and local difficulties.

The eighteen volunteers who arrived on Friday are settling in nicely. Thirteen of them have started their advanced open water course, coral, marine environment, threats to the reef lectures have been given with more to come, and Compressor orientations are underway.

The first dive went out at ten thirty this morning and by this evening everyone will have had their first taste of life underwater here in Bay Ternay. The base has come back to life as we never really doubted it would.



Anonymous said...

hello gvi staff i am sssssssssssssssssssssssooooooooooo
happy you stay in cap ternay!!
fantastic news greetings also to tim

la buse