Thursday, July 9, 2009

Jump for joy with GVI Seychelles

The South East Monson has arrived on time with cooling winds and refreshing rain. Here on base we moved on to the second week after a well deserved weekend off, giving volunteers and staff time to catch there breath and look around, noticing not for the first probably, that we are privileged to live in one of the most beautiful places on earth.

Then on Monday back to work. We have been busy learning about the marine environment, fish, turtles, whale sharks and Emergency First Response. Yesterday the whole group started with watching a very entertaining EFR video about primary and secondary care. After the theory we had a very intense meeting with, “Michael” the manikin. We practiced how to save his life and administer CPR. After mastering the theory our skills were set to the test as we were split into three groups whilst the staff exposed us to various scenarios.

During lunch we soon discovered the scenarios were not in fact over as we were confronted by another situation - staff members put on a very realistic and later also a very ‘Hollywood’ show of choking on their food. The staff members – Colin, Tom and Pauline were successfully saved and everyone had a good laugh. We are expecting a few more tricks over the next few days….