Friday, October 23, 2009

A week of changes

There were a few changes this week, prompted perhaps by the downpour of rain experienced here in Curieuse which has not dampened our spirits! Some even relished the change in temperature.
On Sunday we said goodbye to Tom who has gone back to the Cap Ternay base on Mahe only to be replaced by Carl. They will swap between the bases for the remainder of the phase. ``Tom your great cooking skills have been overshadowed by Carl´s, we are hoping you pick up some even better recipes before your return!`` Another change was the grand opening of our new kitchen and al fresco dining area which we lent a hand to finish - some of the boys demonstrating excellent carpentry skills…. Thanks to Ben we no longer only eat and cook by candle light but have the option to use the electric lights -sparingly of course.

As for the studies we have now all passed our coral exams and are now busy with underwater survey practises. It feels great to be putting what we have learnt into action. Ben’s discovery of a new dive site, now creatively named, ‘Bens crack’ has generated a lot of excitement due to the diversity of the coral found there. As well as the sightings of octopus, white tip reef sharks, turtles, rays and the smaller but no less celebrated nudibranches.

Last week we headed over to the mangroves to help SNPA with their mangrove regeneration project which involved filling bags with mangrove soil and then planting the juvenille mangrove plants into them. The current record stands at 224 filled bags!