Friday, December 4, 2009

Survey sites completed!

In a blink of an eye week nine has come and gone. Monday began with the final days of community work. The children were so grateful to have the volunteers come twice a week to teach them about the marine environment that they made cards and handmade gifts to thank the volunteers for their hard work and effort. A big thank you to Kayla, Gary, Annika, Adela, Ross C., Ross P., Brendan, Yvonne, Sarah, Brigitte, Teresa, Curtis, Richard, Sally, Andrew and Adrian for spending their mornings helping get future generations excited about the ocean. Back on base our resident future movie director, Curtis, kept everyone busy by making short movies staring the volunteers. Although the final film has yet to be released, watching Jill, Andrew, Brendan, Vince, Sam and Ross run around base with brooms and cowboy hats is a clear indicator that we have a hit movie on our hands. Under the water everyone has been busy surveying.

Thanks to all the hard work we have completed all the survey sites!!! Volunteers are now hoping they can reward themselves with some well deserved fun dives. We also celebrated a birthday; happy birthday Andrew! He almost got away without the group find out, but was discovered in the last minutes of the day. Nice try, but he had to suffer through a beautiful rendition of the birthday song.

Nine weeks in and 18 dive sites surveyed, six species of sharks spotted, countless rays encountered, and 1,056 stub toes later the volunteers at Cap Ternay prepare for their last week. But the tides are good, the sun is shining and we are looking forward to making the most of the final week.