Sunday, January 17, 2010

We're Back for 2010.

After a few technical problems we are back up and posting for 2010. Our blog site had forgotten our password over the festive season or maybe I had, still all’s well that ends well.

On the 8th January we welcomed our first expedition members of 2010 to Cap Ternay. This phase we have a truly international group with people hailing from the United States, Canada, South Africa, United Kingdom, Australia . Everyone is settling in well and marvelling in the beauty of the Seychellois scenery and the tropical climate.

The diving and snorkelling has already got underway and the megafauna sightings have been numerous. So far Green and Hawksbill turtles, Lemon sharks, Eagle rays, Stingrays, Moray eels, White tip sharks, Bumphead parrotfish and Humphead wrasse have all been seen!! The PADI Advanced Open Water course started this week and volunteers have had fun learning how to hover on their heads and do backwards rolls underwater as part of their buoyancy training. The science training has also started in earnest with lectures on Coral Reefs and Fish species workshops being gratefully received by volunteers.

We also welcomed some new staff to GVI Seychelles this year. Chris and Rowana have joined us from GVI Mexico where they were working on the Marine conservation expedition there for the past year. Sally and Annika are Divemaster internship students who were expedition members last phase and are helping out this phase as part of their internship program.

On the 15th of January we where able to witness an annular eclipse at 10.00am. The moon passed between the sun and the earth leaving a small ring of fire visible. A spectacular sight from a spectacular location. There will be many more wonderful sights in the coming weeks but mainly of the ocean variety.



Sara Mayer said...

congrats to a start of a great expo! it was great to see everything firsthand and i am suuuuper jealous that i won't be able to see the rest of it all - keep posting blogs and i'll keep reading. best wishes from gvi kenya! -sara