Friday, February 5, 2010

All Change to Curiuse Island

The volunteers and most of the staff moved over to Curiuse Island ten days ago and where so busy they did not get around to a blog entry. Quickly settling into their new surroundings and exploring the island they have now seen the native Coco De Mer nuts and getting up close and personal with the Giant Tortoises.

There has also been plenty of interesting megafauna sightings in the water with an abundance of white tip reef sharks, and devil rays in particular, with some lucky volunteers getting the opportunity to see the local dolphins Derek and Debra playing around the boat whilst travelling between Curieuse and Praslin.

. Over the past week there have been three nesting turtles seen and more nests located and marked during the daily turtle walks with Neil. Jacqui and Katie wished that the female they saw could have been a little more decisive, considering she took seven attempts to find a suitable location for her nest over a four hour period, but they still enjoyed the amazing experience.

Back at base our very own chickens Razzle Dazzle and Brain, have been enjoying plenty of attention and even more food, but the big question will be how much longer will the volunteers let the possibility of meat wander freely around them!