Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Amazing Seychelles

When I stepped out of the airport now one and a half week ago I knew for sure I had arrived in paradise. Imagine white sanded beached, blue sea, palm trees everywhere and a sun that never lets you down and then you can understand why I call the Seychelles paradise.

Now after a week of diving that picture in my head certainly didn’t let me down. I have never seen so much colorful fish in my entire life or so much coral. I have to say I still really want to see a shark, but I am sure my time will come, cause there are some whitetip reef sharks hanging around somewhere at the reef we always go to.

But lucky me I did see a other animal which I’ve been dying to see, and guess which animal that was? A sea turtle! A hawksbill turtle to be precise and not one but two!

Every Wednesday we are divided into 2 diving groups and we look for turtles.
We are paired up with another volunteer and dropped above the reef in two’s. We then make a u-pattern and do this for 45 minutes or until we find a turtle. In our case we found a turtle in 20 minutes, but man he swam fast! After my buddy scared him away we could only keep up with him for 30 seconds, but we were fortunate enough to come across another turtle who was not scared at all. Might be because she was a little clumsy and at one point she even swam against a rock, while looking back at us. This did not affect her graceful swimming though. They seem to glide through the water and make it look so simple it is amazing!
This experience definitely made last Wednesday one of my best days here, but I am sure more will come so we’ll keep you all posted!

Bo Gonggrijp.



Parag said...

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