Monday, July 12, 2010

The first week comes to an end.

Well we've been here a week now. This first week was an adjustment period but a fantastic one at that. The first day we learned how to properly use a machete and husk a coconut which we can knock off one of the many trees any time we like.

Most of us have quickly got used to the vegetarian diet and waking up in the middle of the night to the sounds of mating fruit bats outside. However, we still have not got used to the fact that we go diving daily in our beautiful back yard marine reserve. We have already learned many of ther names of local fish making diving even more exciting now that we know what we are actually looking at. On top of that some of the expedition members have already seen a gigantic turtle, a school of squid and even a whitetip reef shark!

Going anywhere in the Seychelles, whether diving, by foot, by car or by bus, ends up being an absolutely jaw-dropping experience as before, during and after every turn is another amazing view. Even walking out of the dorm when I wake up or as I walk up the stairs and see thousands of stars on the way to bed.

The bus journey in to base and the views along the way (above). The base manager Tom gives us a lesson in husking coconuts (directly above).

Everyday I remain in awe of my surroundings and to add to the experience I have met some people I am pretty sure will remain friends for quite a long time to come. All in all it has been a wonderful first week here in the Seychelles.

Mystral Echavarria


Michele L. Castrellon said...

Hey Beautiful! So happy that you are once again enjoying another summer adventure! It sounds amazing! Keep blogging and taking lots of pics for us. Send them to my an I will share with Shan. Love you and stay safe!