Tuesday, November 2, 2010

02/11/2010 Curieuse Update

Monday week 4, already L. Rain, what we were waiting for. It filled up the reservoir, now we have plenty water for showering, cooking etc. The view was spectacular , only the rain drops break the stillness of the water, and the mist around Dexter was calmly sitting on the water waiting to takes us for a dive in the rain.

Tuesday. Toilet dayJ still raining with the same intensity, but that didn’t take the excitement away from anybody. The whole camp got up at 6am had a quick breakfast than some of us went to Praslin to pick up some building material. Sabotage!! The local builder hasn’t turned up for us so for everybody’s disappointment we had to returned to Curieuse with empty hand. Plan B : DIVE. We had an exam from invertebrates in the morning and than we put in practice what we learn on the afternoon dive. What a great addition to know some of these creatures in the water.

Wednesday. Another exciting day. Every volunteer taking turns in turtle walk and coco de mer surveys through the expedition. Today I was the lucky one who went for a Coco De Mer walk this morning and surveyed around 10 trees with the girls. Also day we getting new beds, bunk bedsJ. after diving we were busy to put these beds together so we can sleep in them tonight. What a great team building exercise.

Thursday. Toilet day again!! Schedule is the same we did the rehearsal for on Tuesday so everyone knew what to do. Get up at 6am....,but this time we have been picked up on Praslin. Had a ride in back of a lorry to the building yard. We shoveled 1 ton of gravel in bags which we put on our truck with 200 bricks. Had a ride back to the beach where the others were waiting for us so they can start to load onto Dexter. A couple of rangers helped us with their boat to take some of the stuff to Curieuse. After 3-4 rounds we managed to get back as well than put the last round away. A big treat after a hard day everybody could have shower.

Friday. Fun Dive today at booby. We saw sharks, rays and turtles and all those corals and cucumbers that we learned earlier in the week. Oh and party night tonight, we are all looking forward to an early Halloween party.