Tuesday, December 7, 2010

07/12/10 Sharks & Birds

Another week in paradise started, as always with an early wake up crowing of our proud cocks and a lovely bowl of porridge. But something is different... it’s raining! The Monsoon is coming to bring us a lot of (shower) water and a bad Visibility.

Even with the bad Visibility we could manage to finish all our 12 dive-sites and open a new one. We try to find more new sites through exploration dives and get the possibility to see new sites no other volunteers ever seen before. It’s a great adventure to descent somewhere no one knows what you’ll find there and what to expect, maybe some hammerheads or tiger sharks?!:)

On Saturday Morning some of the volunteers went for a dive with Octopus-Divers to Marianne. It was just amazing! We saw a few White-Tip-Sharks, around 10 Gray Reef Sharks and 5 Eagle Rays, but the most impressive was the Visibility, it was stunning: 35m+, clear blue sea, the huge granitic formations and everywhere ascending bubbles on their way to the surface.

After the dive we spend our afternoon at a nice Hotel to get some good lunch and to use the Wi-Fi during lying on the pool.

The next morning a group of volunteers started Dexter (our loyal boat) to get to Aride-Island, a Neighbour of Curieuse. Aride is one of the rare islands of the Seychelles without any rat-population but with a huge population of different types of birds. The birds are nesting everywhere on this island: in trees, on rocks or in the middle of a path. Sometimes they don’t even build a nest, they just lay their egg on a branch and balance it. The only human population is limited to a few Rangers and volunteers to protect the bird reserve and show the beauty of this island to just a few tourists daily. The job of the rangers includes tagging nesting turtles and observing their nests. It really is life on a paradise island!