Wednesday, December 7, 2011

05/12/11 Leaving Our Mark

So it’s our last week and I think everyone is winding down. Everyone’s a little relaxed and preparing themselves for home, more travels or Divemaster internships.

Over the last few weeks a few others and I have been painting an underwater mural in the corridor at the Presidents Village Children’s home. We have been there almost twice a week trying to get it finish before we leave but don’t think it’s possible. Cap Ternay’s resident artist Grace wants it to be as true to life as possible so there’s a lot of detail in all the animals. She’s a bit of a stickler. We have a huge whale shark in there... can’t say I’m bothered about these as I’m about the only person who hasn’t seen one! Then there are corals, a sea cucumber, an octopus, squid, turtle, sea stars and a diver. We didn’t get round to the lobster or the baby pocillopora but I’m sure whoever finishes it will do the kids, but more importantly us, proud. When we’ve been there the kids have taken a real interest in what we’re doing.

Last night all of us went to visit the kids for a Christmas party. There were Christmas decorations, great food and music. The kids were either clambering all over the male volunteers or having a cuddle with the girls. They are the cutest and most amazing kids. They love the attention they get from us when we go and see them. I heard a rumour that they had prepared something for us... we thought they were going to line up and give us a sweet Christmas carol recital. Well when they started with some kreole dancing progressing to breakdancing including backflips and somersaults we were all left open mouthed. It was amazing! But the funniest was when one of the one year olds crashed the stage pulling some of his own moves then being escorted off rubbing his sore head after trying to do a headstand on the concrete. They loved they’re presents from GVI but there were a few sad faces when we had to take shoes from a couple of the boys to exchange for larger sizes. They grow so quickly.

Well that’s it for phase 30. It’s been a fantastic experience and I’m genuinely going to miss everyone! Volunteers and staff. Yes, even Ant! I feel like I’ve made some lifelong friends and will hopefully stay in touch with most of them. My time here has made me decide what I want to do with the rest of my life and it just happens to include conservation, diving, marine creatures... the list could go on.

Thanks GVI