Thursday, July 19, 2012

19/07/12 Living in Paradise

This week on Cap Ternay has seen a lot of adventure and excitement. Three of our group embarked on a challenging trek from Bel Ombre to our base on Cap Ternay, resulting in 9 hours of ‘Macheteing’ their way through the jungle on a reasonably unused track, which along with amazing scenery and views, left them stranded on “secret beach” resulting in a 40 minute swim round the corner back to base then back again with surfboards and dry bags to pick up their gear. Seybrews were well earned that Saturday night.
A snorkel session with the younger kids from the Presidents Village was a joyous occasion for all involved with the majority of the group ditching their snorkel’s in favor of tows around Port Launay on boogie boards, floaty tubes and animals. Those that chose to snorkel were delighted in finding numerous “damsel fish” and “Indian red fin butterfly fish” Making the most of yet another beautiful sunny Seychelles day. An exhausting yet rewarding afternoon for us GVI volunteers.
EFR training wrapped up this week ending in a challenging yet largely rewarding mass casualty scene which kept everyone on their toes and many laughs over the nature of many of the injuries acted out by staff and other volunteers involved. Testament to our brilliant first aid training no one died or suffered any lasting injuries!
The animals have kept up their side of the expedition as well with Whale sharks being spotted and swum with by a lucky few divers, and a large collection of Gymnodoris ceylonica’s (a very beautiful looking Nudibranch) showing up in the bay keeping all the macro lovers and snorkelers entertained during dives! That’s just a taste of life on base this week, thanks for reading and G’day from GVI Mahe’.