Thursday, August 23, 2012

23/08/12 Creole Day

As the end of the expedition was approaching for twelve of the volunteers, an air of melancholy was descending upon the camp. And yet we had to turn any frowns upside down as Creole Day at the President’s Village was upon us. On a quarterly basis the volunteers join their forces to organise a very special day for the local children’s home.
The anticipation among the volunteers was palpable, and in honour of the recent events in London we opted for an Olympic theme for the day.  Various outdoors activities were carried out such as football, relays, egg and spoon races and coconut shopper. Unfortunately the latter two activities stopped early due to the contestants eating the equipment. Meanwhile indoors much merriment was had with bracelet making, bubble blowing, manicures and face painting. This brought out the artistic streak amongst the children when they discovered how much fun it was to turn the tables and paint all the volunteers.
When it came time to leave, there was a sea of exhausted smiling faces, and we are not just referring to those of the children! The day would not have been such a success without the stirring efforts of staff member Kate, thank you.