Sunday, September 16, 2012

16/09/12 Time of my Life

Hi there! I’m a German volunteer and I want to tell you about how I’ve been having the best time of my life here in the Seychelles.
I’ve now been here for only two weeks, but I have made new friends, improved my English and diving skills and had lots and lots of fun. It all started when I arrived on the 23rd of August. In the first week we had many briefings and orientations to help us settle in on base, but we were all excited to start diving. Since I have finished my Advanced Open Water Diver and we’ve passed our fish exams, we’re now able to do fish surveys. But it’s not only diving that’s fun, it’s also exciting to explore the Seychelles. On the weekends we have been to the capital city of Victoria and the amazing Beau Vallon beach. We have also made time to visit the waterfall near the base and snorkel to the beautiful and tiny secret beach in Baie Ternay. On Wednesday, some of the volunteers are going to visit Bird Island and stay there for three days, and on Friday some of us are doing a night dive in the bay before going out for a meal as a group.
None of us are looking forward to returning to “reality”!!