Saturday, September 21, 2013

21/09/13 An Ode to Cap Ternay

Twelve weeks with GVI has been such fun,
Fond memories on this rock, under the sun.
I`ll miss my morning walk out to the boat,
Alas, in paradise you may need a coat.
The staff all muck in, to keep camp spic and span –
Use voodoo magic to fix the green van.
The foods always good, it`s nutritious and filling,
Beans and pasta taste nice if you show willing.
The highlight of each week is on Thursday nights,
Be assured by 10:30, you`ll see some sights..!!
P V snorkel once a week, it`s a blast if you`re down,
You`ll feel rewarded and happy, but try not to drown..!!
 Plankton pull is so hard and extremely gruesome,
To beat those old times you`ll sure need a two-some.
Exams all complete, studies all done, it`s time to leave the bay-
Awesome coral and pretty fish you`ll start to survey.
The age old battle grows deeper and stronger,
Fish do look cool but coral lasts longer..!!
In 1998 we saw the reef sadly perish,
Diving today beholds a sight one should cherish.
So if just like me you`re looking for fun,
Mahe is the answer, GVI number one..!!

Dave, self-confessed coral geek. 2013.