Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Curieuse Ecotrail!

On 10th May the Seychelles Centre for Marine Research and Technology – Marine Parks Authority (SCMRT-MPA) unveiled their latest walking trail across the unique and diverse ecosystems that characterise Curieuse Island’s nature sanctuary. Staff from the main sponsors, Barclays Bank, local media and GVI joined together to celebrate the collaborative effort and take part in the very first walk of this exciting new track!

Eight new signboards, in addition to a series of granite steps and decking, were jointly installed by GVI staff and volunteers. The trail crosses Curieuse from Baie Laraie to Badamier Point, with each information point on the walk describing a different aspect of the islands local flora and fauna (some of which are found nowhere else in the world!).

GVI also lent a helping hand to Barclay’s staff and Rangers repainting of the restored doctor’s house, just a short stroll down from our own satellite base; this landmark represents an important cultural centre for the Island and is filled with a wealth of information about the colourful history and past inhabitants of Curieuse. Following a gruelling morning, SCMRT-MPA put on a creol-licious lunch prepared by a local icon of Curieuse known as ‘Mama’. The traditional lunch took place at the SCMRT-MPA ranger’s station, and was followed by a presentation ceremony where the director of SCMRT-MPA gave special awards and praise to the local children who created and designed Curieuse Islands’ new Marine Park t-shirts.

The Badamier trail is one of four trails to have opened on Curieuse, all of which are used heavily by GVI personnel to traverse the difficult terrain and collect information turtle nesting biology in the region. The purpose of the trail is to provide tourists and locals with a greater appreciation of this special environment, and to simultaneously showcase the pride and ownership that Seychellois have for their natural resources.