Thursday, June 12, 2008

Whalesharks Ahoy!

They’re here! The Whalesharks are upon us here in the Seychelles, with 8 sightings in and on the water in the last two weeks. Many of the volunteers had the chance both to snorkel and dive with a few of the gentle giants after seeing the plankton levels rising these past weeks on the Wednesday plankton tows. Prior to our sightings, MCSS had a report of a group of 15-20 20 miles to the south of Mahe. After Dave Rowat’s ever popular whaleshark presentation, it was fantastic to see them close up and personal!

Hamid Rad, GVI staff member and a very talented photographer to boot managed to capture this fantastic video on the weekend when 4 whalesharks were reported to be milling around Baie Ternay. You saw him here first - enjoy!

And there’s been quite a few other exciting Seychelles sightings underwater this phase – 4 guitarfish, a rare encounter with a Marlin underwater and a couple spotted leaping from the boat, a few blushes as staff and EMs have been priveleged to see the mysterious act of love between octopusoctopods/octopuses , 10 manta rays and the usual crowd of other spectacular Indian Ocean fauna....