Sunday, May 10, 2009

Farewell Hamid.

There definately was not a single dull or wasted moment during the week ! Monday we said good-bye to Hamid, our resident Frenchman. After a year and a half with GVI Seychelles Hamid is persuing an incredible oportunity in the Maldives. Staff and EMs missed him instantly, but wish him the best of luck! Hamid, everytime we are stumped by a random form of coral we’ll think of you! Tu nous manques, notre autre Afenmeunch! But, we welcomed two new staff members, Haftor and Simon. Welcome guys!

The second group headed out to Curieuse this week. Phil, Shanna, Alice and Gemma kept busy doing chors around the island, snorkeling, and enjoying candle light dinners at night. Shanna celebrated a birthday while on the island—happy birthday Shanna! Even though she may have had a few run-ins with mosquittos, Gemma said it was an amazing week and they all had a great time on the island.

Wednesday’s plankton tow crew had a fantastic snorkle between their attempts to break eachothers pull records. The group saw a white tip shark, two rays and a sail fish cruising below them!

In honor of the 5-weekers fast approaching departure staff prepared an amazing meal Wednesday night. Dinner became even more special when Jeff announced that he and Lila are planning to get married in two weeks in Kenya!!!! Lila and Jeff, from California, are in the middle of a year long trip around the world and were an amazing addition to the group in the Seychelles. In honor of the wedding the girls took Lila out for a proper hen party, while the boys had a big night planned for the Jeff. The whole group met up for one last horah before having to say ‘see you soon’ to our 5-weekers.

The five week group left early Friday morning: Amy, Cicki, Kyle, Jeff and Lila, we will miss you greatly. It was a pleasure spending the last five weeks getting to know you ; thank you for for all the laughs and wonderful memories!

Now, with base the freshly cleaned and in tip top shape, we axiously await the arrival of the next group and all the fun to come!