Friday, May 22, 2009

New Arrivals and new experiences.

Week six meant the arrival of our new 5-week group. Liz and Greg from the UK; David from France; Thomas and Adriano, the brothers from Brazil; Tina from New Zealand; South African Jess; Orla and Niamh from Ireland; Norma, our Swiss-Mexican; and last but not least, Ryan and Scott from the U.S.

The new group found themselves busy pretty quickly as the advanced course commenced almost immediately. After successfully spelling their names backwards on the deep dive, navigating their way around the bay, mastering buoyancy, and clearing water-filled masks after many bouts of underwater laughing attacks, Thomas, Adriano, Ryan, Orla, Niamh, Scott and Norma are advanced divers!!!!

Community work continued this week with a new set of voulentter instructors. Richy, David, Gemma, Zoe and Tom joined Hazel to teach the children about ocean ecosystems. In return the children taught the voulenteers a thing or two about a never-ending supply of energy!

The group on Curieuse picked up where the last group left off. Antonia, Emma and Kim assisted Collin digging out reservoirs and emptying rubble from old buildings. Colin kept the girls motivated with the promise of coca-cola, but seeing as good coke is hard to come by on an uninhabited island they had to make do with boiled water.

Wednesday's plankton tow offered up another whale-shark surprise. Tom and Zoe's whale shark sighting has inspired the group to rename the day Whale Shark Wednesday!

Cooking duty was a blast as always. David surprised everyone with donuts, while Scott is still seeking a market for his now notorious vinegar soup.

The Emergency First Response course was a smash with staff playing roles of accident victims with the aid of tomato paste and random props. All victims surviving, of course. Good job EFRs!

We said good-bye to Zoe and Phil, two of the original 5-weekers who were having so much fun they stayed an extra week and became our 6-weekers! Best of luck at home; we miss you here!!!!!

As always it was another great week on base learning coral, diving and getting to know the new group. We definitely have an exciting four weeks ahead of us!



Mauricio e Adriano Schonenberger said...

Such an unfair comment!
Scotts vinegar soup is now regarded as one of Seychelles' specialities and we're looking foward to our next vinegar banquet!