Friday, August 21, 2009

Turtles and Plankton

Turtle dives, plankton tows, visits, new announcements and a Friday night party fulfilled Cap Ternay's week. First of all the turtle dives were pretty successful. Divers spotted three
Hawksbill turtles. We collected a lot of data regarding how turtles feed and behave whilst cruising around in the area of Bay Ternay.

During the plankton tow we saw that the plankton is getting denser, which means that hopefully we will see a whale shark soon as this is what they feed on. Fingers crossed for next week!
On Thursday we had a brief visit from a couple of the old Cap Ternay’s staff members -Rachel and Ben. They are now the managers of the base at Curieuse. They left the little island for one night after three weeks of hard work preparing GVI’s new additional base. During their visit to Cap Ternay they gave a presentation about life on Curieuse to the five week volunteers and now they are all looking forward to the magical atmosphere of that little island, it is such a unique privilege for GVI's volunteers to stay over there.

On the same day, GVI Seychelles announced the scholars for next phase! Australia, England and Spain will be represented by Sam, Gemma and Marta, who are all excited about their soon to be new roles. They will be coming back at the end of September to assist with the next 10 week phase at Cap Ternay. We all celebrated their success with a great costume party on Friday night. Everybody at base had a lot of fun and with such a party we said goodbye to another great week at Cap Ternay. Can't wait to see what's happening next week!