Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Thanks and Au Revoir

Friday the 4th of September marked the end of our most recent phase. We wish to thank all of the volunteers, staff, scholars and partners who helped make it happen!

We hope to see you all again either here in the Seychelles or somewhere else in the world! Don’t forget to keep in touch and follow us through our blog! For those of you going on to study, travel or return to work we wish you all the best and hope that you have taken as much out of your time here as you have put in.

All the data collected from the last 10 weeks has been processed. The camp is earily quiet now but will soon be full of life again, when the staff return and the new volunteers arrive. We will start surveying corals next phase with a new group of volunteers who have yet to experience why this place is so special!

A special thanks is due to Hazel Long, our very own Fish Queen, who after working for GVI Seychelles for more than a year has since returned to the UK. We will miss you and your stories.