Friday, September 18, 2009

Whale sharks and Manta rays

Mario and I are about to drive to the airport to pick up some of the returning GVI Cap Ternay staff members - Linds, Gemma and Kim. We are all excited and eager to begin with the preparations for the next phase and on Friday morning will be meeting the new volunteers.

Our partners - MCSS have been very busy whilst we have been on holiday. The whale shark season is well underway. In the last weeks they have been flying their own microlight aircraft over the seas of Mahe and have spotted several whalesharks and large pelagic manta rays which are rarer in the area. Read more about MCSS on their blog. You can access their blog via the MCSS link through our website.

During our brief visit to Europe we shopped for spare parts and replacement diving equipment which is difficult to get on the island. Our boat Manta has been revamped and will be sailed back to the bay in the next day or two where the engines will also be thoroughly checked. Another week and we will be back in the water doing what we love the best!