Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Labour Day BBQ

Saturday May 1st was Labour day here in the Seychelles and a chance for the staff of Seychelles National Parks to relax and enjoy a day out. GVI were lucky enough to be invited to a BBQ picnic on Baie Ternay beach, hosted by Seychelles National Parks. It was a beautiful sunny day and GVI staff and volunteers were treated to a traditional Creole Barbeque with Octopus curry, creole sausages, papaya salad, to name but a few of the delicious dishes that were on offer.

A fantastic lunch was then followed by several activities on the beach. To begin with a game of Volleyball was proposed. GVI volunteers played with and against SNPA and much fun was had by all, even when the tide came in and washed away half of the court! Then the big match came with the ‘Tug-of-war’. The teams were divided into SNPA and GVI and everyone put everything they had into it. After a lot of cheering and shouting GVI were declared the winners of the first match. The SNPA team quickly arranged a re-match and were victorious the second time. The day wound to an end with dancing and dominoes (an unlikely combination) under the moonlit sky.