Wednesday, May 5, 2010

More great beaches, coral and babies.

Our first weekend off started with hours at the internet café on Praslin followed by a bus trip to Anse Lazio which lived up to expectations as one of the worlds best beaches! On Sunday we walked to Badamier beach here on Curieuse and had it all to ourselves as it was a long hot walk over the centre of the island to get there. It is like a smaller version of Anse Lazio, but private and pristine.

Boat engine trouble this week meant that we didn’t dive every day, but we still managed 5 great dives at Anse Petit Couers and St Pierre - the latter an island of granite rocks with amazing corals and sea life.

Projects this week included weeding and carrying the sand to make a mini cricket and volleyball patch and painting the house - this besides our usual cooking, grounds, cleaning and study duties!!! We walked to an area of Coco de Mer palms (the ones that look like a lady’s behind - especially after a few lonely months on a desert island!) and learned how to tag and study them, which we will start doing in more detail next week - the trees that is………!. We are expecting a visit from a world expert from Zurich next week, so a bit of an introduction is a great help.

One word sums up this week - study, We now have learned how to identify all the 50 local corals and their family names in latin, We have written the first test, and needless to say, some of us didn’t achieve the 95% pass mark that Janine and Chris accomplished. We will all be joining them when we pass next week!!!!!We can then dive on our own and be allocated specific survey research projects

Great excitement this week is that the Brain’s (the rooster/alarm clock) girlfriend Razzle Dazzle appeared with 6 newborn chicks, so the population of chooks is growing. Hopefully none of them are roosters as I can not help but feel their days are numbered unless they learn to lay eggs soon…….. Our Seychelles ranger has explained that conservation does not mean starvation!

And so to week three…………..