Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A weekend trip to La Digue

It was an eventful week as always. Emily came over from Cap Ternay to do Emergency First Response Training, ‘’May I help you?’’. There was lots of fish spotting and Calum’s poor attempt at custard. After the fish exam on Friday it was time to unwind with a pirate themed evening, complete with fresh jobfish. We managed to keep going in to the early hours, and still woke up early Saturday to go to La Digue.

All the expedition members and 2 staff members got to spend the weekend in La Digue with showers, ice cream and flushing toilets. The accommodations were a very nice change from the basic accommodations on Curieuse. It was also a chance to spoil ourselves with some of lifes little luxuries. Red snapper, chicken (aka Cock) curry, ceviche, bread fruit, real butter, and no porridge for 2 days made everyone very happy.

Saturday we rented bikes to ride around the island. We went to Grand Anse (a spectacular beach) where people got knocked over by the waves and enjoy relaxing under the sun. Carl received amazing sunglass tan lines. At dinner Linda tried to teach Caitlin and Kimi a pick up line in German, which they butchered. The hysterics of it introduced us to a German speaking Seychelloise who then took some of us to a local dance club later that night. The locals taught us a few new moves and Seth tried to show off by doing a forward role. Sunday we walked to Anse Source d’-Argent, ‘’The Most Photographed Beach in the World,’’ then made our way back home to Curieuse singing all the way after a fantastic weekend.