Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Another week in Paradise

Well…another adventurous week on Curieuse. After our wild weekend away on La Digue island, we came back to our Island of Curieuse. We were soon met with another fish exam which everyone passed and we are now ready to get the surveying going on Thursday.

But in the words of Carl “ Things are sent to try us” and so our beloved boat Dexter has an engine problem. This time she could not be salvaged and a long weekend of fixing her was ahead of Carl, Seth and the mechanic. On Friday instead of diving a few of us decided to walk to Caiman Point. Caiman point is named this because as you look at the point you can see a large Rock formation in the shape of a caiman lizard crawling up the side of the mountain ledge. We snorkeled our way back down the island and on through what is known as ‘Stingray Alley’ on the search for turtles. Alas after some time we succeeded in the search and found a turtle floating around in the sea grass. Well…3 of us on the trip who had seen a few turtles on previous dives did. Poor Kasia and Selina are still on their quest to see the turtles that sometimes swim right by them. Calum who had promised the ladies he would get a good picture of the turtle succeeded in his quest!

On Monday it was back to business as usual and back in the water this time diving from our second boat ‘Midge’. Later that morning the mechanic arrived along with Tom the Mahe base manager with part in hand and soon enough all boat engines were fixed and ready to get going! With two more days of diving ahead of us we are ecstatic to get in the water and get some more surveying done.

Thanks to everyone for another fantastic week!