Monday, November 28, 2011

25/11/11 Early Morning's on Curieuse

We spent two and a half days in La Digue in a nice cottage on the weekend. We were more interested in relaxing by the pool of the nice hotel next door, than riding bikes which is the La Digue way of life. Chilling with our smoothies on our luxurious poolside lounge chairs, we watched the sun set over the ocean. Sunday evening came and we had to leave this beautiful island. Back in Cote D`or we met Grace (a staff member from the Mahé Base "Cap Ternay") who was a visitor for the week.

Unfortunately, on Monday we did not see any turtles nesting (though we did see 19 turtle tracks) but we were able to fulfil Grace's wish by seeing three on Wednesday (a record number of turtles even for us). It was special occasion for Grace to see her first turtle nesting but also for us volunteers as this turtle was the first turtle we ever saw nesting as well. It had been exactly two weeks since she last lay, and this time she came to our beach to lay again only 50 meters from base. The first time we saw her she was on a different beach 45 minutes walk from base. Female turtles mate right after laying their eggs and two weeks later she is ready to lay again. Usually, turtles will nest on the

same beach they were born on.

Tuesday was Coco De Mer’ing day and as we loved seeing the sunrise from the viewpoint last Friday, we decided to get up even earlier to see the sunrise from the top of the hill. This meant getting up at 4:30am. It was very special to see the sunrise while eating our breakfast from the top of the rocks. The surveying this week was on the edge of the cliffs so we had a beautiful, perfect ocean view. Due to our early morning, the majority of the surveying was then done when it wasn't very hot which was a bonus as well. Maybe there will be more early mornings in our future...