Monday, November 28, 2011

27/11/11 Relocating a Turtle's Nest

Thursday morning came and we expected a nice mangrove surveying walk but a turtle destroyed our plan. While walking along our beach to the mangroves we saw a nesting turtle. We noticed her nest was on the high tide line so there would be a good chance the eggs would be washed away. We decided to relocate the nest to a more suitable area that is above the high tide line.

How to relocate a turtle nest:

You need:

1) A shovel

2) Hand sanitizer

3) Very gentle hands

4) A turtle nest (with 210 eggs)

5) Some sand, branches and twigs for covering

6) At least 2 people


1) Find a suitable place for your hatchling eggs and dig your egg chamber as deep as the turtle dug hers

2) One person begin to remove the sand from the original nest with hands

3) The rest of the group wash hands with sanitizer and then wash hands in the ocean

4) As person one removes the eggs, gently take the eggs and move to the new nest (the eggs are easily dented)

5) Once all the eggs are in the new nest, cover with sand and lightly compact

6) Cover with twigs and branches to disguise the nest from tourists

For other questions do not hesitate to ask your local scientist.

After relocating the eggs, all 210 of them, we all felt like turtle mamas and in January we will be able to name the hatchlings- 40 each.