Monday, February 13, 2012

11/02/12 Week four on Curieuse Island

Well, well, well, to start the week off us volunteers were finally presented with a lot of trust in letting us to do both the turtle walks alone, with the girls having the delightful long wurtle and us boys having the pleasure of the short wurtle. We managed to get it done in an hour and got back to base with no activities to record which was rather unfortunate. The girls on the other hand were not to arrive for a further few hours which surprisingly meant that Vicky even had to delay lunch (which is a rarety in her case). This was because they were lucky enough to yet again see another Hawksbill Turtle. This time though they had the chance to watch her lay and cover the nest - the first time any of us volunteers have seen such a sighting and hopefully not the last.

As you all may know we all started our Open Water PADI courses with a local dive centre on Praslin last week and I am very happy to say we all passed and are ready to start diving in our free time. With a lot of aquatic animals to see around Curieuse, we are waiting in anticipation until we get to roll back into the water and be surrounded by beautiful sharks, turtles, rays and millions of fascinating and vibrant fish. Ghggf.

The last thing which needs to be reported about this week is most definetly the discovery of the most unimaginable location; THE MOSQUITO HIDEOUT. Vicky, April and I got the pleasure of finding this magical place whilst transecting the mangroves and it sure as hell wasn’t long before they new we were there. We emerged out of the other side of the swamp stripped of clothes, boots and skin. They literally ate us alive but at the same time it was highly amusing seeing the other two slipping, falling and rapidly applying insect repellent whilst trying to run and measure a transect all at the same time. One thing I love that about this place is that what ever happens you still come out the other side with a smile. The people, the place and the atmosphere just seem to conquer every dip and lull. It’s almost impossible to be sad here which is something hardly anyone gets to experience; but we have.

Taking to the water