Monday, February 20, 2012

20/02/12 Life in Paradise

The good news is that after a week of no diving, we started diving again this week!! On Saturday night, everyone was excited to see that Sunday’s schedule included diving! Even though the water wasn’t calm enough to take Manta out, Dexter was taken to Port Launay for fun dives! Everyone jumped into the green van along with their kits and headed to the Ephelia hotel to meet Dexter. It felt good to be diving again! The two dives sights at Port Launay (West Rocks and South Reef) differ from the dive sights we’ve been diving in Baie Ternay. The area is covered in massive rocks and boulders which provide shelter for many species including big groupers and nurse sharks! The bad news is that the base has been rather quiet in the absence of the four weekers. We miss you guys!

We conducted the fun dives on Sunday and Monday but on Tuesday the water calmed down enough to take Manta out into the bay! This means that fish and coral spots have resumed as well as the different practice methodology dives! Hopefully, everyone will begin surveying soon. The volunteers surveying both fish and coral had their methodology lectures on Tuesday with the hopes that the surveys will begin shortly! We also had a group of volunteers go snorkeling with the kids. Once again, it was a fun filled afternoon in the water for both the kids and the volunteers, and to be honest who wouldn’t have fun playing in the water while seeing some of the world’s most beautiful marine environments!

On Wednesday, another group went to teach the children from the international school on the beach. This week’s topic was fish so we focused on fish shapes, so why different species of fish differ from one another and how these differences affect their behavior. We put together a bunch of different fun activities, including worksheets and games, to go along with the teaching material. We finished off the day with a friendly game of rounders half on the beach and half in the water. It was rather entertaining watching people attempt to hit a tennis ball with a bamboo stick!

So far it’s been a good week with everyone in high spirits! Hopefully we’ll continue to have sunny days and calm waters, life in paradise!!