Wednesday, May 9, 2012

09/05/12 Raft Race for Rupees

On May 24th GVI Seychelles volunteers and staff will be holding what may quite possibly be the greatest event of all time! The ‘Raft Race for Rupees’ will push each individual contestant to the limit, requiring the kind of ingenuity not seen since the A Team decided to go into hiding in the Los Angeles underground for the very last time!

Over the next two weeks the four teams will be stockpiling an arsenal of empty soda bottles, pieces of wood and bits of old rope with a view to constructing a vessel fit to sail the seven seas (or at least make it around Baie Ternay).

The rules are simple; each team has to finish the course, pausing briefly at designated mooring buoys to complete various missions and finishing together, hopefully accompanied with what remains of their craft. Oh, and did I mention it is in fancy dress?

The race will be followed by a traditional Creole beach BBQ, with music, dancing and the traditional game of beach volleyball.

All proceeds generated by the event will directly benefit the President’s Village Children’s Home, and will be used to purchase much needed clothes, books and trips away for the children. So dig deep and visit our justgiving site for what is no doubt going to be an eventful day!