Thursday, April 26, 2012

26/04/12 Earth Day

On Sunday, we woke to the usual Seychelles sunshine, duties and weekly base clean. But today, we had a spring in our step, today was Earth Day.

Conservation and environmental awareness are key to the future of places like the Seychelles. So, to celebrate Earth Day a group of local youths organised a little festival a couple of bays over. At midday we piled into the vans and headed over.

In the week building up to Earth Day we were a fury of crafty creations, anything to keep the kids encaged and share our love and concern for Mother Nature. We had “pin the dolphin on the marine park”, we had “scuba education” and little booklets listing our activities. And what an afternoon it was, whether you were out in the water taking kids snorkeling, or coating your hands in glitter while helping kids make little turtle hatchlings, we all had a great day.

From the sunny Seychelles, happy Earth day!