Monday, April 9, 2012

08/04/12 A Fond Farewell

This Saturday marks the end of their stay at Cap Ternay for 22 seasoned marine conservation volunteers, after 12 weeks of study, surveys and sun-drenched days. Many are staying on in the Seychelles to complete Divemaster training based at dive shops in Beau Vallon (good luck guys and gals!). And as one group prepares to depart Base, 14 "newbies" converge from around the globe (well, mostly from the UK) to take on the very unique, and very rewarding, GVI Seychelles Expedition. Following another sunny weekend of snorkeling (Green and Hawksbill turtles spotted in the Baie) and day-tripping into Victoria, our 'work week' began as usual on Sunday. Between training dives, coral and fish surveys, invertebrate surveys and fun dives, everyone on Base has been kept busy as always (except when snatching some shut eye in the hammock of course).

Time flies when you're having fun- it's already the eve of our highly anticipated traditional Creole BBQ Farewell Party! Chances are it will be just as much fun as our recent 'all day, all night' Cap Ternay Challenge, although there may be some tears when the 12 week sideshow runs and all of the great memories come flooding back. For Sarah and myself, we get to stay on at Cap Ternay for another 4 weeks to specialize in reef health and coral diversity surveys. We also specialize in inventing cocktails over the weekend. But jokes aside, we're both really looking forward to meeting the "newbies" and making some new friends... to test our cocktail recipes on. We will miss our friends from the 12 week group but will no doubt catch up with them in Beau Vallon or here at Base for our weekly BBQ or pizza night (the pizza oven being their greatest legacy). Its also an exciting time for Xander, who will transition from volunteer intern to scholar, and Tess who will be returning home to Oz. Tomorrow will bring the hotly-contested 'plankton pull' in the morning and last dives in the afternoon will be all about fun (keeping within 2 meters of your buddy at all times).