Monday, November 19, 2012

19/11/12 Turtles everywhere!

This has been quite a week on Curieuse! The turtle action continues to build as the season progresses and we have witnessed 5 turtles emerging and laying their eggs on the beach. This means that the beaches are getting quite crowded and the turtles have to be a bit more imaginative, with one trying to scale a log right where we sit in between our beach patrols! All of us volunteers have been lucky enough to witness this amazing event as well as seeing them in the water. They look so graceful in the water and it is quite something to see this beautiful creature swim past you!

One of the highlights this week was for us to see over 150 Hawksbill hatchlings make their way to the sea! Some of them just couldn’t wait to get in the water, while others seemed a little sleepy and wanted to take their time, but they were so cute!

It hasn’t all been about the turtles this week as three of the team set themselves quite a challenge to survey 100 Coco de Mer trees in a day! It meant an early start, leaving base at 5.30 so they missed the heat of the day. They managed 101 which is quite an achievement until someone does 102! They had a well deserved snorkel when they got back to base after their hard work.

After all this activity most of us spent some time relaxing on Praslin at the weekend, enjoying the gorgeous sunshine. For some of the volunteers it is our last week on Curieuse so it will be nearly time to say goodbye to our paradise island. I think all of us have found it an amazing experience and one we’ll never forget.