Thursday, November 29, 2012

29/11/2012 - A Shark in the Water

Protoreaster Lincki, Star Fish

The good times just keep on coming on our island paradise, Curieuse. In the past week we’ve had endless turtle nesting, some hatchlings and exciting encounters during our snorkelling excursions.
Just yesterday we saved a hatchling from a nest where the stragglers were being eaten by crabs. He was an energetic little thing, flapping his flippers around all over the place; he was so small (half the size of your hand)! We held onto him tightly as we walked down the beach, then placed him gently onto the sand and cheered him on as he sprinted towards the water and reached his new home, the deep blue. He had a small set back as a wave flipped him upside down, but he soon found his feet (well, flippers) again and off he went!  

A new Hatchling
There are always plenty of colourful and vibrant fish to see when we go snorkelling but there are of course some other creatures that get us that little bit more excited; starfish, turtles, stingrays and of course... SHARKS! Yes, we saw a shark in the water. It was a white-tip shark, about 3ft long and we cruised along with it for a while.

Semicircle Angel Fish
Our GVI family also have a great time back at base. This week we had a ‘T’ themed party for BBQ night and fancy dress outfits included everything from a tree trunk to a tea bag! That night could also go into the Book of World Records for the longest game of beer pong ever!

Let’s hope next week brings us just as many exciting encounters...