Thursday, December 6, 2012

06/12/12 Anothe Day at the Office

Just another busy day at Cap Ternay. We started off with an early morning boat trip on Manta for our weekly plankton pull. Conditions were perfect, blue skies no wind, and the ocean was like a turquoise mill pond with crystal clear visibility.

After to a quick snorkel to the local turtle nesting beaches to check for fresh tracks we headed to Conception Island channel to start the plankton pull in earnest. Although important for data collection to measure plankton content of the water column, each plankton pull is a really fun activity. Volunteers compete to have the fastest time so we can make it into the plankton pull Hall of Fame, or to have bragging rights over our mates, or to simply beat our previous personal best. Even the most laidback volunteer is not immune to the infectious competition it brings. Feeling festive, given the time of year, we made a stop in the bay on the way back to base for a quick dip complete with Santa hats!

Following lunch we all got together to make some Christmas cards for the children at the Presidents Village, our local orphanage, to take with us for our end of year Christmas party. We’ve  gotten to know the kids through the various charity events where we’ve played games and taken them snorkelling, so we’re all excited to see them receive their cards and presents.

Later in the afternoon we began our weekly turtle dives, to monitor and record turtle behaviour in the bay. Unfortunately today I didn’t encounter any turtle on my dive but there is always something interesting to see in Baie Ternay from Moray Eels to Leaf Scorpionfish, Feathertail Rays to Common Lionfish. Each day and each dive brings something new to chat about over a beer before dinner!