Thursday, December 13, 2012

13/12/2012 - Goodbye Curieuse

As our time on Curieuse draws to an end, we’ve all be reflecting on our time here. Below are our thoughts...

‘It’s been a series of exciting moments for me: the first time I saw a turtle emerge from the water; the first time I saw hatchlings and released them; the first time I saw a turtle lay eggs; and especially the first time I saw a turtle swimming in the ocean. What a month.’ Rach, UK

‘Surprised by emerging turtles, stunned by gorgeous sunrises, tickled by seaweeds and tiny fish, soothed by a myriad of fish colours around coral, and lulled by the wind in the Takamaka leaves. Beaten and scratched by coco plums, stung by jellies, partially eaten by mosquitoes, bruised, stretched and wearied by climbs, yet still ecstatically happy for every moment.’ Jackie, Canada

‘I have one word to describe my time here: amazing. There were days when I had to get out of bed at 4:30am to scramble around on the mountains, but I enjoyed every minute of it. My most exciting moment was seeing hatchlings emerge from the nest they’d been hiding in for two months, then head straight for the sea, like a gravitational pull.’ Victor, Sweden

 ‘I will always remember my time here on Curieuse, especially my first snorkel and the first time I saw a turtle. I will always treasure the experiences I have had here, as well as all of the new friends I’ve made.’ Hanna, Sweden

‘My time on Curieuse has just been one fantastic experience after another. Being so close to nature has been a truly breath taking experience. I discovered my favourite fish and seeing turtles nesting each week has been awe inspiring. My already huge love for the ocean has only grown since being here. I now can’t wait to begin my career in discovering and protecting the ocean further.’ Tara, Australia

‘I am grateful that I was able to play a role (however small) in the conservation work happening on Curieuse through GVI. Every life form I interacted with during this programme has added immensely to my life.’ Anjan, India

‘When asked to write about my time here I could not think of one outstanding moment, for every moment was outstanding. These have been the best two months of my life.’ Eli, USA

Unfortunately Tiff and Emily left us early, but they too had a fantastic time here.

We’ve all faced some challenges, had new experiences and made new friends. We would all like to thank GVI, their brilliant staff here and of course, a THANK YOU to our tropical paradise CURIEUSE!