Friday, March 1, 2013

01/03/13 Final Preparations by Denise Renninger

This week everyone had to prepare for the Cap T Challenge on Thursday.  We all were really excited when the teams finally were announced. Then every team was busy finding a name, song and making a flag.
The teams are:
Green team – Galaxian parrotfish of doom:  Jordan, James M, Victoria, Denise
Blue team – One shot: Maja, Eden, Lee B, Janis, George
Red team – Red hot devil rays: Charlotte, Jess, Lauren, Savi, Hunter
Yellow team – Lemon sharks: Sam, James C, Fabienne, Rolph
Black team – Black marlins: Lee C, Clare, Kais, Joe, Laetitia
Purple team – Purple puffers: Melanie, Mary, Joe, Billy
Billy even wrote a song for the challenge and is making a video. We can’t wait to see the outcome. The target to raise 1200 pounds was hit this Monday, which is great! Thanks to everyone at this point who supported us and donated. If you want to help us raise even more for the children, you can still donate here:
Further the new volunteers who are doing fish started with their surveys this week and doing very well on that. The “old” fish volunteers had some optional coral workshops and the coral guys started learning about the fish.
And Eden, Lauren and James finally are back in the water after a long time of not diving.