Monday, October 28, 2013

27/10/13 The Beaches of Mahe Challenge

A massive thank you to everyone who help fundraise for The Beaches of Mahé Charity Challenge event. In total we raised a whopping £1,537.97 and after an amazing few weeks of fundraising it was finally time for the big day!
Teams had to navigate around the southern beaches of Mahé whilst completing a list of challenges along the way. There was a bit of nature spotting both in the water and out, searching for some of Mahé most delicious fruit and vegetable plants, visiting some of the top tourist attractions, re-enacting scenes from Baywatch and well of course having to visit some of the most stunning beaches the Seychelles has to offer.
Every team elected a different strategy for the day, some decided to take on the challenge entirely by foot walking almost the entire southern section of the island aiming on visiting the most beaches along the way, while others aimed at the top point earners which involved getting to the harder to reach beaches. It was a day that involved a lot of team work, strategy planning, lots of sun cream and a whole lot of fun.  By 17:30 everyone had arrived at the finish line at the Takamaka Distillery restaurant, where they sampled some of the Seychelles best known dishes, and the favourite food of the night Fruit Bat ravioli!
After calculating the points earned throughout the challenge the leader board stands like so:
1st Place – The Rum Runners
2nd Place – Pineapple Xpress
3rd Place – 99 Problems But The Beach Ain’t One
4th Place - The Takamaka Tourists
5th Place - Ninja Hawksbills
6th Place - Lollypop Centurions
7th Place – The Super Awesome and Totes Amazeballs

So once again a big thank you to everyone involved in making this fundraiser such a success. Remember to keep an eye out for future GVI fundraisers.

Many Thanks

Charlotte Broadhead
Community Coordinator