Friday, January 17, 2014

17.01.14 Island Life. Week One.


It’s nearly been the new volunteers’ first full week here at camp and everyone is starting to get along really well.  It’s been a packed week so far and here are some of the highlights:

·       On our first day we went snorkelling and were definitely not disappointed. Not only did we get to see the beautiful marine life that exists in the Seychelles but we also managed to catch a glimpse of a Green Turtle.

·       On Monday, we excavated two sea turtle nests. One did not survive due to wet conditions on the beach while the second had a huge number of eggs which hatched successfully. We were about to walk off satisfied when someone noticed a small hatchling that had lost its way and had fallen behind. We helped it on its way and to our delight, saw it all the way to the water.

·       On our walk to the rangers’ station the volunteers were able to experience their first encounter with the weird and wonderful giant tortoises. We all had photos with them and were able to feed them (quite a lot).

·       On Wednesday, Kate baked a delicious chocolate and coffee cake as we were celebrating not one but TWO birthdays on camp Curieuse. The first being the science coordinator, Noël’s and the second being Digby, the dog’s. Unfortunately for Digby, he missed out on the cake.

·       At dinner on Wednesday night the group was introduced to the game of Camp Cluedo. It seems to have really brought out people’s competitive sides and has proved to be a great deal of fun so far.

After seeing the incredible wildlife and scenery that Curieuse has to offer, everyone is really looking forward to getting back into the field after a good rest this weekend. 

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DD said...

Fantastic to be able to follow your week from Australiaever

DD said...

Fantastic to be able to follow your week from Australiaever