Wednesday, January 15, 2014

15.01.14 Curieuse Camp Care

Curieuse Island, our home in paradise, has been very quiet for the past month without volunteers…we have however, still been very busy.  We have been working through our camp jobs list to ensure that camp is ready and looks even more beautiful for when volunteers arrive in January.  Our trusty boat, Dexter, has had a makeover complete with a racing stripe down the side…she looks pretty good.  Volunteer dorms have been spruced up, the kitchen has been given lots of TLC and the kit room has never looked so good.  

We also had time to get ourselves out into the field to carry on collecting data for our various surveys.  Long wurtles (the name we give to our turtle surveys) along the sea turtle nesting beaches and tweets in the mangroves.  Sometimes here on Curieuse you don’t even have to leave camp to see amazing things.  Take the day a beautiful Hawksbill came to nest on our volleyball court about ten metres from our staff house,  we sat with a cup of coffee watching her dig her nest…Where else can you see that while drinking your morning coffee?  She laid over 150 eggs…so mid-February we will have lots of tiny little hatchlings in camp…how amazing is that. 
Camp is now full again after the arrival of a new scholar and 10 volunteers who are all settling in well and are already in love with the island as much as we are.