Saturday, October 16, 2010

16/10/10 Diving Curieuse

We are 12 crazy adventurous people from different countries here to start a new adventure from 1st October 2010 together on Curieuse Island.

Curieuse is a little island a mile off the shore of Praslin and protected along with the sea surrounding it. In total one family, a few rangers and our little group are the only ones who inhabit the island.

The houses we stay in are the old leper houses built out of solid granite 250 years ago by the lepers. We have electricity at night to light up the communal area and kitchen and we can charge all the batteries we need for everything. When you live without luxuries, live and sleep in basic houses, work hard for the easy things, your mobile phone isn’t your best friend, and you live in paradise, then even though you have nothing, you still have more than others.

We dive up to 16 meters below the surface and the staff point out corals we have learned and we write down on our slates what they are. We have to know the genus name and the family name. If you then get it right and you are diving with Carl he will play his waterproof air guitar for you. Each dives lasts 45 minutes and when we surface Dexter will be waiting to come in and pick us up.

Every dive is different and has special surprises. We may see turtles, rays, special endangered fish, and if you don’t see any of these you can always watch Carl sing for the fish living in the coral.