Saturday, October 9, 2010

The adventure begins......

The end of our first week here at Cap Ternay base camp is fast approaching and we all agree it already feels like home. The general mood on base is one of excitement, adaptation, enthusiasm, exhaustion and a surreal feeling that comes during the moments in between when we pause and take it all in. Yesterday we went on our first Coral identification and advanced open water naturalist dive and successfully classified 5 different corals, 4 fish, and 2 plants, not bad for our first few days. On the boat ride out to our dive site we all marveled at how incredible this experience has already been and how ecstatic we all are to be here now in this paradise for many more weeks to come. Last night at dinner we were all throwing around ideas for our first Friday night BBQ which will be our first night together to let loose and indulge in meat and refreshments and we couldn’t help but remark at how we already felt like family as we count down to out TOGA party!!