Sunday, October 17, 2010

17/10/10 A well earned break on Curieuse

It has been a thoroughly enjoyable yet tiring week here on base. Sunday was day and so on Monday we cleaned up the beach removing all kinds of rubbish. We have also continued our daily turtle walks and snorkels. We've seen a couple of hawksbill turtles so far but only in the water but that is still pretty good for an endangered species.

This week we also started the Coco de Mer tree monitoring and with all the walking involved we are going to be super fit at the end of ten weeks.

After all the hard work it was time for a rest and a well earned party night. It was a great opportunity for us to get to know each other a little better. On Saturday the group took a trip to Praslin to give us a chance to use the internet and catch up with our loved ones, and on Sunday we walked to Anse Badamier a beautiful beach on the other side of Curieuse for some sun and snorkeling.

It has been a fantastic week and we can't wait for the next to begin!