Thursday, January 13, 2011

12/01/11 New Beginnings

It’s been an exciting week on Curieuse base. Our nearly all brand-spanking-sparkly-new staff team arrived on base last Monday after the Christmas break to some good news. Our resident chicken matriarch, Razzle, has 5 brand-spanking-sparkly-new chicks! All the better to keep the centipede population down.

The staff team – Base Manager Dan, Science Officer April, Dive Officer Jax, old hand Calum and scholar Josh - immediately got stuck in, taking on the mammoth task of clearing up base in four days.

By the time the brand-spanking-sparkly-new team of seven new marine and two new terrestrial volunteers arrived on Friday, excited and fresh-faced, we managed to get base looking pretty ship-shape.

So here we are at the start of another phase, the first full day on base! Who knows what will happen in the next ten weeks? We’re pretty excited to find out – watch this space!

Your excited Curieuse Staff J