Monday, January 17, 2011

17/01/11 Land Ladies- Week One

Welcome to the TERRESTRIAL BLOG – Week One.

Bonding with new buddies-several ‘hard’ facts already noted!

Living an Island dream - content, I’d say so!

Odour de Mangroves – I swear it’s not the person next to you?!

Getting up early to do chores – is it really possible to have a ‘chore’ here?

Odour de dinner - everyone succumbs, not surprising after all the hard work.

Navigating our terrestrial walks like graceful gazelles – actually the graceful part needs some work!

Extraordinarily enjoyable existence

On day two we had the pleasure of meeting a turtle attempting to nest and on her way back to the ocean we got her measurements. I didn’t scare her… honest! The in-water picture is also a fantastic example from our snorkel surveys!

We’ve started our research, in all areas…marines yet to start I hear. Competititive? Maybe just a wee bit. Rest assured it’s all friendly!

Our new neighbours the Giant Tortoise, ‘nice to meet you’!!

‘It’s de NUTS’, that’s Coco de Mer to me and you, the largest seed in the plant kingdom. We’ve surveyed ten, thousands more to go!

All this in week one and a Health and Safety note to finish on…don’t always follow your leader!!!

See you back here, next week for some more blogging and terrestrial shenanigans!!