Monday, January 31, 2011

30/01/11 Bright Sunshiney Days

Camp is going well and everyone is full of joy. We have had another glorious week of sun and heat so we can get all our washing done and dried within a few hours. On the diving front, it has been splendid with constant sunshine and calm waters meaning decent visibility and plenty of marine life to see; from Moray Eels to Mantis Shrimp to Bumphead Parrotfish and the lucky few have seen Grey Reef and White Tip Sharks too. Even snorkelling on the beachfront on Curieuse we have seen a great deal of Cowtail Stingrays hovering around and laying about in the sand flats - how exciting! We have all now finished learning the group two fishes, so we are getting closer to surveying out in the marine park. A big congratulations to our newest Advance Open Water divers Phil, Ashleigh and especially Harry, who managed to cram both Open Water and Advanced Open Water certifications into one week. A final congratulations to everyone who completed the Coral Reef Research Diver distinctive speciality too.

We’ve been busy on camp aswell, making our stay here that little bit more luxurious with our new shelving units built from odds and ends of timber and our newly revamped communual area - now with a padded bench for chill out time in the evening.

We are all looking forward to the continuous sunshine and the lovely friendly atmosphere around camp. We’ll keep you updated!