Friday, April 22, 2011

17/04/11 The Adam, Simon and Amelia Show

You are now blessed with the 2nd blog from the comedy trio of Adam, Amelia and Simon, even more so are GVI who have the honor of posting this. This Seychelles expedition is by far the best one to participate in as you shall shortly learn.

Tuesday saw the heroic Rick leap into the water to start saving some new born turtle hatchlings from imminent consumption buy a multitude of fish, birds and crabs. There were three stow away turtles that made it back to base that were then pampered by the staff, got to chill out with the elite in there VIP pool till they could be released back into the wild unharmed, unscathed to been seen by many future GVI volunteers.

Tuesday is also movie night, unfortunately we didn’t have Finding Nemo, yet the pre xxx entertainment included the popcorn throwing match between Emily and here mentee Dani, we don’t know who won...? We don’t care.. Back to the movies the choice of movies was outstanding though with such hits as Alveopora and the Chipmunks, Battle Star Galexea, 101 Dendrophyillidae, King Koral and the exceptional hit Harry Porites and Pociliopora stone we nevertheless we went with Old School a classic, but off track with our determination to learn the coals of the sea.. There was no nudie runs through the quad but I think we are all slowly warming up to each other that next movie night we can add the extra 3D reality to the movies.

During the week we went scavenging with mixed results we returned triumphant with one of four giant 6 foot cut out turtles to be used on the president’s village charity day, a book case that was quickly stolen of us by our tyrannical leader and a set of stilts to be found in THE HOUSE OF SHOES. After all this rummaging we came back with nothing that we went for…

Malcom was coerced into applying his graphical talents in the boy’s bathrooms in sketching up a Whale shark having a shower to be later perfected by the intoxicating Grace, a turtle taking a bath and a shark cleaning his teeth. There is more to come but that is for next week.

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Finally the end of the week was blessed with a wakeup call from the army fruit picking with dynamite at 6am. The day flew past and before it was lunch time it was evening. Adam once again used his pyro skills to get the BBQ lighted with Simon disappearing for an hour to create his costume for the super hero themed party. The Friday night party was a hit with people coming as their super ego’s (Ness), Amelia as a Ninja Turtle, Adam as Super Man that now has a permanent S shaved into his chest and Simon as Shoe Man with his gauntlet of truth (Shin Guard) and his Shield of justice (A Bin Lid).

Saturday we had the privilege to go on a night dive with the Underwater Center to Lilot a dive site known for its currents and what a help that made taking us around the island with ease only needing to kick to direct ourselves around the many creatures in our torch beams that shared our dark watery depths.

The highlight of the week was the lovely Tegan from Wollongong, Australia, dive master trainee extraordinaire joining us on the dive boat around BaieTernay then blessing her with her presence at dinner to eat some of grounds keepers Philippe’s famous baked fish. She was a hit with the new dive masters sharing the stories that we have the joy of looking forward to. On her departure she left us with the joke of the week that I hope you may all enjoy as much as we did.

End Scene

Joke of the week:

Did you hear what happened to the magic tractor?

It turned into a field…

Friday Night Costumes